Conditions treated include sports injuries, back and neck pain, pre and post surgical rehab, occupational overuse, arthritic / joint pain and nerve pain.
Services include manual therapy, acupuncture, tailored exercise rehab, specific flexibility / mobility programs, muscle balance assessment, taping.

Private: $130 (60mins) / $75 (30mins)
ACC: $75 (60mins) / $45 (30mins)

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Whether it's sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial or soft tissue manipulation – we'll help reduce aches and pains, beat stress, treat headaches and allow your body to move the way it was designed to.

$95 (60mins) / $55 (30mins)


Improve your running performance or learn barefoot running techniques from the ground up. We use video analysis to help you run efficiently, the way we have evolved to run, upright and relaxed with the correct rhythm.

Assessment: $165 (90mins)
Follow up: $130 (60mins)